About the New Zealand Law Style Guide

The NZ Law Style Guide, now in its second edition, is published by Thomson Reuters. You can purchase it from Thomson Reuters hereIt is supported by the Law Foundation and is available online through the Law Foundation website.

The Law Foundation

The New Zealand Law Style Guide provides an authoritative and unified framework of styles used by New Zealand’s courts, law schools, legal practitioners and legal publishers. The Guide is essential for anyone who needs to cite legal materials.

The first edition, published in 2009, has quickly become the standard for the citation of New Zealand legal material. The second edition, published in 2011, built on the success of the first edition by providing new or expanded rules for a range of material not included in the first edition; clarifying rules, including the cross referencing rules; and simplifying the rules relating to the citation of international material.

About this blog

Welcome to the blog of the NZ Law Style Guide (Second Edition). This blog is run by the Style Guide’s editorial team.

It aims to provide posts that are helpful for Style Guide users, and will include news and updates as well as resolving common queries.  We hope it will be a useful resource for academics, students, law librarians, practitioners and other users of the Style Guide.

The second edition of the Style Guide remains the official authoritative source.  Any conflict between the Style Guide and this blog should be resolved in the Style Guide’s favour. This blog does not override the contents of that Guide and is intended only as a helpful unofficial supplement.  Any views expressed in this blog remain subject to change before publication of the next edition.

You can use this form to submit a question or topic suggestions, or contact the Style Guide at lawstyle@lawcom.govt.nz.

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